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18 Jan


Like any other successful institution our mission and vision are also very simple and focused. Apart from being an effective management system, the members of LLRIET are efficient which includes the right choice of assistant professors, associate professors and professors.

  • The prime vision of our college is to become the hub for technical education.
  • To manage students and provide them suffice guidance about leadership in every aspect.
  • To become a renowned and popular college among the other names in the same category.
  • To provide high end education to students belonging to any state or caste.
  • To change the outlook of each and everyone regarding education.
  • To provide knowledge and education equally to both the genders (male and female).
  • To make the students learn a better behavior and a better mode of life.
  • To get a healthier and education society to live.
  • To intrude leadership quality in a student.
  • To provide the ability to sustain and migrate in any situation of globalization.
  • To increase the intellectual side of an individual.
  • To offer correct ability to the students so that they can prioritize their learning system.
  • To provide a project based system of education.


  • To offer world class teaching and learning experience to the students so that they can become tomorrow’s technical pride.
  • To spread knowledge and create research environment of technical education in the territory of Punjab.
  • To provide optimum education to the students.
  • To create unity among the students.
  • To create understanding of maintaining peace among students belonging to any state or religion.
  • To teach the real meaning of equality to the students.
  • To create awareness among the students so that they can make the world a better place to live.
  • To bring in global economy.
  • To animate environment and society.
  • To ensure development of a student in the field of academics as well as art.
  • To urbanize and technically improve the society with education.
  • To offer theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • To provide social engagement.
  • To find a better educational approach.
  • To find economical empowerment of each individual.

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